Become Legendary

SimChampions has prided itself on creating the most realistic atmosphere for online sports video gaming, discussion, and competition. Over the past four years, we've developed a next-level experience with our Madden NFL league the CFL. We have also expanded our support into the FIFA franchise, NBA 2K franchise, and Out Of The Park Baseball.


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a sports gaming community that promotes playing games similarly to what you see in real life? That is the entire reason why we exist. We are here to create leagues, tournaments and living worlds for users to take part in. The competition on SimChampions is fierce, with hundreds of users over multiple leagues and tournaments playing for championships and bragging rights.


The staple of SimChampions are our league based gameplay. We promote realism in our leagues that mimick real-life as closely as possible. That means we play the game "the right way" with integrity and a mindset of playing realistically over doing whatever it takes to win. Our users would much rather do things realistically than play the same repetitive way, while glitching the game to a victory. Whether it is in the CFL, CIFA, CLB, or CBA, take your game to the next level with SimChampions' official leagues.