Zak Johnson Sep 28, 2017
  1. Zak Johnson
    I got a chance to sit down with the Cleveland Browns rookie QB before his upcoming game to get to know him a little more. Not only has Kizer impressed me on field, but he impressed me off the field with his honesty and passion for this team and the game itself.

    ZJ: Were you a Browns fan growing up?

    DK: Yes I was a die hard Browns fan growing up, even though Toledo is 2 hours away I still rooted for the team.

    ZJ: How does it feel to be 7-1 with this Cleveland Browns team?
    DK: Its honestly a little crazy and doesn't seem real to be 7-1 but in the CFL you have to take it one week at a time.

    ZJ: What's the atmosphere like in the locker room?
    DK: The atmosphere is unbelievable, in the beginning of the season our confidence was high but being the youngest team in the league we weren't sure what to expect. Now we know what we're capable of on both sides of the ball.

    Kizer 2.png

    ZJ: What are your expectations for this team?
    DK: Not sure, I would love to see us take this team to the playoffs but we're just taking it one game at a time, we're still in a very tough division. When I broke my finger I feared the worst so I'm grateful my season is still going.

    ZJ: Who do you give the most credit to in regards to your success so far?
    DK: My success? Probably Hue Jackson and the offensive line, they've made the transition from Notre Dame to Cleveland a lot smoother but also the defense, that's a scary group and going against them in practice definitely helps.

    ZJ: You're currently leading all rookie QB's in about every (positive) statistical category. Which one, if any, will give you a run for your money for ROTY?
    DK: That's tough to say, this is an amazing class and I love what Trubisky has been doing in Chicago and Watson's OC has been very creative in building an offense around him. I'm excited to see where this mini-rivalry takes all 3 of us.

    ZJ: Any player in particular you have a good connection with on the field?
    DK: Corey Coleman, the guy is a blur and a touchdown waiting to happen on every play and I would have to add Duke as well, he's made some unbelievable plays so far.

    ZJ: What was your favorite moment of your rookie season so far?
    DK: Probably coming out of halftime 13-3 against the Titans. After a FG to bring us within 7 watching the defense return a TD, then Peppers calling his punt return before he did it. Next thing I knew we were up 34-13 before the 4th quarter even started and our defense and special teams had scored more points then both offenses. I think that's when we knew we had something special.

    ZJ: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview with me and the CFL Network DeShone.
    DK: Anytime man.

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