Zak Johnson Oct 5, 2017
  1. Zak Johnson
    This week in our CFL Primetime game, we get to see two AFC East powerhouses go at it 7 PM EST tonight. We will see the 10-0 New England Patriots go up against the 9-1 Miami Dolphins in New England.


    The Patriots are led by none other than Tom Brady (159-244 (66.2%) 12 TDs, 2002 yards). James White has emerged as one of the top rushers this season (184 carries for 996 yards, 6 TDs, 28 catches 266 yards). While newcomer Brandin Cooks (39 catches 643 yards, 6 TDs) and tight end Rob Gronkowski (25 catches 272, 4 TDs) have been Brady’s most lethal weapons. The Patriots defense has come away with a staggering 33 INTs on the year and 4 defensive TDs. The Patriots need to focus on shutting down Jarvis Landry in the pass game and limiting Ajayi on the ground to under 100 yards.


    The Dolphins are led by HB Jay Ajayi, who has been a TD machine for this Miami team (171 carries for 750 yards, 9 TDs, 28 catches 286 yards, 1 TD). Backup HB Damien Williams is putting up great numbers as well (63 carries for 454 yards, 5 TDs). With Jay Cutler coming out of his short retirement for the injured Tannehill, he has looked extremely good (148-232 (63.8%) 11 TDs, 2102 yards, 12 carries for 82 yards, 3 TDs). With Jarvis Landry becoming his favorite target by far (35 catches 717 yards, 4 TDs) the rest of his receiver corps have numbers that drop off significantly but still get the job done. The Miami defense is also top notch with 34 INTs and 4 defensive TDs on the year. Suh, Wake, and Hayes are a QB’s worst nightmare with a combined 23 sacks so far this season. Putting pressure on Brady will be important as well as shutting down Gronkowski as an option in the secondary.

    This is going to be a great game and you can only watch it in one place: simchampions.com

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