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Zak Johnson Oct 3, 2017
  1. Zak Johnson
    With all the injuries, we’ve seen over this CFL season, this one is arguably the most impactful as our preseason #1 overall ranked player went down with a shoulder tear.

    Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford went down during Detroit’s home game against the Cleveland Browns. Fans, teammates, and front office were immediately worried once Stafford wasn’t coming up after a brutal hit. Even worse, he was grasping at his shoulder while writhing in pain after only nine snaps. Understandably, everyone expected the worst while Stafford was helped off the field and taken into the locker room for further examination. Following x-rays and a MRI, it was determined that Stafford has a shoulder tear and will be out for the next three weeks. With plenty of injuries to this Lions team, this was not what the team was hoping while they’re already knocked down. In Stafford’s place, Jake Rudock from the University of Michigan will play under center against divisional foe Chicago Bears in Chicago. That will be followed by a home game against another divisional rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Then the team travels to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. This will be a tough three weeks for not only the Lions but the Big Ten product as well.

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