Zak Johnson Sep 20, 2017
  1. Zak Johnson
    Week Four showed that no team is safe from multiple injuries as the Steelers lose 3 playmakers. Let's take a look at this weeks injury report.

    WR Antonio Brown - Shoulder Tear (5 weeks)
    Not much to say here as everyone knows that AB is one of the top wide receivers in the game today. This is going to be a big obstacle to get through for Big Ben and the Steelers.

    Disaster Rating: 8/10
    Five weeks is a long time to go without your best receiver… we’ll see what happens.

    RE Stephon Tuitt - Broken collarbone (7 weeks)
    Steelers lose one of their fantastic defensive linemen in Tuitt. This will be a rough one for the Steelers as he’s out for seven weeks.

    Disaster Rating: 5/10
    The Steelers still have a top defense, but this one is going to sting.

    OLB James Harrison - Foot fracture (8 weeks)
    Our last Steeler for this week: James Harrison. Not a good week for Pittsburgh as they lose three studs and one of their veterans/leaders. Harrison will be sidelined for eight weeks.

    Disaster Rating: 6/10
    An eight-week injury to Harrison is a hard pill to swallow for Pittsburgh.

    Broncos QB Trevor Siemian - Torn shoulder (5 weeks)
    The Broncos lose starting QB in Siemian for five weeks and will look to start Paxton Lynch in his place over Brock Osweiler. Time will tell how much this will affect the offense.

    Disaster Rating: 5/10
    It’s never easy losing your starting quarterback so we’ll have to see how the Broncos will play. Lucky for them they have a bye week next week.

    Cowboys DT Maliek Collins - Upper arm fracture (6 weeks)
    Dallas loses youngster Collins for six weeks. The Cowboys’ defense has look suspect at times so this injury could lead to more poor play.

    Disaster Rating: 5/10
    Dallas should be able to stick with teams because of their offense, but if it continues to be lackluster then they will really need to rely on their defense more.

    Titans MLB Wesley Woodyard - Broken ribs (5 weeks)
    The Titans lose another linebacker, this time Woodyard. This is just another blow to that defense as they lost Orakpo just last week. This elevates the disaster rating as both players are exceptional at what they do.

    Disaster Rating: 8/10
    The Titans are going to need guys to step up for them and really perform if this defense doesn’t want to get picked apart.

    Lions HB Ameer Abdullah - Dislocated knee (4 weeks)
    Certainly a big loss for this team but they should be able to press on behind QB Stafford.

    Disaster Rating: 4/10
    Best team in the league. Hands down. Injury hurts, but the team will continue to win.

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  1. Andrew
    TJ Watt had 3 sacks in replacement of Harrison last week so Steelers aren't too concerned by his injury!