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Zak Johnson Sep 11, 2017
  1. Zak Johnson
    There were plenty of Week One injuries in the CFL, so I’m here to break down the most important ones. For each player, I’ve included a disaster rating that’s based out of ten (ten being the worst).

    Murray 2.png

    Titans HB DeMarco Murray – Broken collarbone (7 weeks)
    This is a pretty big blow to the Titans offense, but it gives the opportunity to second year man Derrick Henry the chance to blow up this season. The former Crimson Tide halfback is a very skilled runner and should be able to come in and fill Murray’s role successfully (Murray is a great back but I believe in Henry’s ability).

    Disaster Rating: 5/10
    Murray is as extremely talented back and seven weeks is quite a long time, but look for Derrick Henry to fill the role and do a good job in his absence

    Falcons RT Ryan Schraeder – Forearm Fracture (5 weeks)
    The Falcons flourish in the offensive game because of their excellent blocking. This takes a hit with Schraeder going down for the next five weeks. These will be big shoes to fill as Schraeder is one of the top right tackles in the league. Atlanta fans and front office alike are hopping this absence won’t lead to injuries in the backfield.

    Disaster Rating: 6/10
    Five weeks luckily isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things but it’s not to possibly make an impact on the Falcons moving forward. Next five games: Packers, Lions, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots


    Bills HB LeSean McCoy – Broken collarbone (7 weeks)
    Shady went down in the season opener against division rival New York Jets. His broken collarbone will keep him sidelined up to seven weeks, barring any setbacks. This will be a huge loss to the Bills on top of an already tough week one loss. We’ll have to wait and see during the week who will win the starting job while McCoy is gone.

    Disaster Rating: 7/10
    Seven weeks is a pretty long time in a division where you have to worry about the Patriots as well as when you just lost a divisional game to the Jets.

    49ers LT Joe Staley – Upperarm fracture (4 weeks)
    The 49ers aren’t a very skilled team on paper and Staley is only out for four weeks. With the Niners not looking to be major contenders this season, this isn’t the end of the world for this team.

    Disaster Rating: 3/10
    I’d normally give this kind of injury to such a phenomenal player a higher disaster rating but since the 49ers aren’t looking to be super competitive this season, I can’t bring myself to give it more than a three. If anything, this could just help San Francisco tank for the first overall pick for the next four weeks.

    Bears RG Josh Sitton – Abdominal tear (5 weeks)
    This injury sucks for Chicago, no way around that. This team has been riddled with injuries and the last thing it needs is their exceptional guard Sitton to be sidelined for five weeks with an abdominal tear. The Bears need to protect rookie QB Tribusky, and after week one this is already at risk. Luckily, Sitton is only out for five weeks and not longer but the NFC North is extremely competitive so any edge you can get is a major plus.

    Disaster Rating: 6/10
    Less protection for Tribusky attributes to the six but the five-week length helped this not be a higher rating.

    Broncos C Matt Paradis – Abdominal tear (4 weeks)
    Four weeks isn’t a very long time, but the Broncos had no run game against the Chargers. Losing Paradis makes the next several weeks very challenging and this is a player that you can’t easily replace. We will see if the Broncos can turn things around without their star center.

    Disaster Rating: 7/10
    Losing your starting center is always extremely difficult but when you barely cracked twenty rushing yards in the first week, this spells trouble in a very competitive AFC West.

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