CFL Rulebook

CFL Rulebook

By signing up for, and joining the CFL you have agreed to and accepted the rule book. Any violators can and will be booted from the league at any time.

General Rules

This league is intended to bring a very realistic and community based feel to Madden football. Play football, not a video game. If you can’t take your loss like a man, this league is not meant for you.

  • Be active on the community and website. It is required that all users stay up to date with their team write-ups / articles, and scheduling.
  • Non-Team playbooks are banned.
  • Custom playbooks are banned.
  • Visual Feedback is banned.
  • Ball Hawk is banned.
  • Super Sim is banned from use in CPU games. If your opponent must go on auto-pilot for any reason, you should either have the game simulated, or you must play the entire game from start to finish. Super Sim generates highly unrealistic statistics.
  • Users are allowed to play a CPU opponent (or user on auto pilot) a maximum of three times. A user who exceeds three times will have player(s) suspended. If you play three times but do not finish the game you may take a simulation game if desired.
  • All teams are required to carry 53 men on their roster at all times.
  • All teams are required to carry at least three active back-up offensive linemen (8 total) at all times.
  • All teams are required to carry at least three safeties at all times.


Every regular season and playoff game is required to be streamed via Twitch and SCtv, whether you have a capture card, or do it via the Twitch App on XBOX One. The home team shall stream the game, unless they are unable to, then the away team will take on that responsibility.

Users should set their Twitch account to enable archiving so that all games played are saved.

Gameplay Rules

Offensive Rules

  • User catching is prohibited. There is to be no switching of any kind offensively. This includes pass catching buttons
  • The use of "playmaker" is banned.
  • Mix up your play-calling. As stated when you signed up for the CFL, this is a realistic football league. You should not be using the same formation or same three routes / plays all game. Play football, not a video game.
  • Users found to be running curl routes, drags, inside zone, read option, etc. all game long and on all crucial plays will be suspended or even booted from the league for violation of the rules.
  • If you turn the football over, you may switch at your own free will (during an INT return or fumble return)
  • Use of the no-huddle will be monitored closely. You should not use a no huddle for extended stretches of time, except in realistic situations (two minute offense) or for a quick change of pace (couple of consecutive plays on a random drive).
  • Hot routing is to be used in a controlled manner. You shouldn't be hot routing every single play, or using 2, 3 or 4 hot routes in single plays multiple times a game.
  • Engaging in tackles battles is banned.

Defensive Rules

  • You may only move one player around pre-snap.
  • Usering of the defensive line is banned.
  • User switching is prohibited. You should start a play on one defensive player, and end the play on the same defensive player.
  • Run Commit is banned.
  • Holding the Y button defensively is banned. If you want to make a play on the football, you must time your user pick attempt by pressing the Y button when the ball is arriving.
  • Mix up your playcalling. You should not be running the same drop zone defense the entire game. Again, play football not a video game.
  • Engaging in tackles battles is banned.

Special Teams Rules

  • You may switch one time to make tackles on special teams (kickoffs and punts).

4th Down Rules

  • You may go for it on 4th down inside your opponents 45 yardline on 4th and inches only. This does not mean that you should go for in on 4th and inches five times in one game.
  • You may go for it on 4th down in any situation inside of 5 minutes remaining in regulation while trailing by multiple scores (more than 8 points)
  • You may go for it on 4th down in any situation inside of 2 minutes remaining in regulation when trailing the game, unless a field goal will tie the game and you are in clear field goal range (inside of 50 yards).
  • You are now allowed to make one "coaches decision" per game on fourth down. This must be in a realistic situation only. For example, you are trailing by 6 points in the third quarter, it is 4th down and 2, with the ball on your opponent's 35 yardline with a 14 mph wind blowing at you. You may use your one coaches call on fourth down in this situation. You may then only go for it on fourth and inches per the original league rule for the remainder of the game.

Running Rules

  • Left sticking is still prohibited in excessive changes of direction. Madden 17 has done a nice job of cleaning this up, however you still may not turn a dive or draw straight outside from the moment the football is handed off. Using the left stick to hit holes within a gap of your run and for subtle movement is allowed.

Team Management

Contract Rules

  • You may not sign a player to a six (6) or seven (7) year contract.
  • One year deals do not require a bonus, but may not exceed a 40% bonus.
  • Two year through five year contracts must have a minimum 5% bonus, and maximum 40% bonus.
  • Players who are age 32 or 33 may not be signed to a contract that exceeds three years.
  • Players who are age 34 or older may not be signed to a contract that exceeds two years.
  • If a player asks for more money than his scale allows, you may offer up to $2 million more per season.
  • Contracts must meet the new money scales located at this link -

Trade Rules

  • Each team is allowed two trades involving players per league year. Only one of the trades may involve a player rated higher than 72 overall.
  • All trades are subject to Commissioner approval. Respect all decisions to approve or deny your trade propositions.
  • All trades that have been agreed to in principal should be posted in the “Trade Proposals” board for approval.
  • Any users found to have made trades without following the above procedures will be banned from the league.
  • You may not trade a first round draft pick within 2 seasons of entering the league. This starts with the 2016 draft class.
  • You may not trade any rookies until they are at least one year removed from entering the league.
  • Teams may not acquire more than two first round picks in any draft.

Position Changes

  • OT's can play LT and RT, OG can play LG and RG, C plays C
  • The only event where a C can play OG and vice versa is if the player has proven to play both in the league, and not just due to injury issues.
  • OT's in the draft classes may only play OT
  • Centers in the draft classes may only play center
  • Guards in the draft classes may only play guard
  • If you would like to submit a position change for a player that isn't an obvious one (4-3 OLB to 3-4 ILB - 3-4 DE to 4-3 DT, etc) please message the commissioner.