CIFA Rulebook

By signing up for, and joining the CIFA you have agreed to and accepted the laws of the game. Any violators can and will be booted from the league at any time.

General Rules

Half Length: 10 Minutes
Rosters: Online
Game Speed: Slow
Controls: Manual

If the match is tied after regulation, there will be NO extra time.


Play realistic football (soccer). We should not be watching people kick over the top / regular through balls all game long. This is most definitely not to say you may not utilize those types of passes at all, but it shouldn't be a constant bombing of passes all game over the top. Play for possession, play the beautiful game the way you see it on the field in real life.

  • You may only edit your squad pre-match. You may not edit formations, roles, instructions, or tactics before the match begins.
  • You may not make substitutions, or formation changes until halftime or later, unless a red card occurs in the first half.
  • Custom team tactics and instructions are banned. You will use your club's default team tactics.
  • You cannot use the D-Pad to use tactics such as high pressure, counter attack, and possession.
  • Custom formations are banned.
  • Park The Bus and All Out Attack are banned.
  • Attacking and Defensive D-Pad settings are allowed.
  • Ultra Attacking is banned, except for a trailing team and the match has hit he 70th minute mark. (You may not use ultra attack unless you are losing and it is after the 70th minute in the match)
  • The quick short corner kick is allowed, only if you let the cut scene finish and then you manually call the player over once the corner is set.
  • Do not sprint straight down the field on a kick-off (unless off of a goal in the finals minutes and you are trailing).
  • You may not manually move a defender on the goal-line during free-kicks.


We are using a Match Week schedule with advances every Friday. Every team will play each other twice (home and home). Meaning, each team will play every other team both home and away.

Tournament Scoring

This season we will be using 2 divisions (Premier and Championship). The Premier and Championship divisions will be made up of eleven teams. The top 4 teams from the Premier division will move onto the CIFA Cup where in the semifinals they will play 2 legs (Home and Home) where if tied, you will play another game with 5 minute halves to its end, and then golden goal if needed. The CIFA Cup Final will only be one leg where the higher seed team will host the match. The 10th and 11th place teams will automatically be relegated to the Championship division while the 9th place will be added to the CIFA Promotion Tourney which is explained later. The top 2 teams from the Championship division will be promoted to the Premier Divsion. 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the Championship Division will also be added to the CIFA Promotion Tourney. The Promotion Tourney will consist of 4 teams, (7th place from D1, 3rd, 4th, and 5th from D2). It will be the same rules as the CIFA Cup and the winner of this tournament will take the final spot for the following season in the Premier League. Along with our normal season we will running a CIFA FA Cup which is a 22 team single elimination tournament that will involve both Premier and Championship teams in the same tournament. Those fixtures will be released along with our normal matches from week to week.


The home team will be responsible for streaming the match via SCtv on the Twitch app built into XBOX One. Matches are required to be archived for Commissioner review, should there be an issue in the reporting of matches. If the home team is having connection issues preventing them from streaming, it will be the responsibility of the away team to stream the game.

Match Reporting

Both teams are to go to our and enter the required stats once a match has finished. The best way to do this is to not go back to the main menu once the game is done. You click on Player Ratings page then scroll through the pages to enter Goals, Assists, Match Rating, Def Clean Sheets, GK Clean Sheets, GK Saves, and the player's position.

There will be a thread for what you think deserve to be in goals of the week where you can report your xbox/twitch clips of what you think were great goals.

Match Disputes

If you have a dispute with your opponent, please create a ticket with the match-up and your complaint with proof. Decisions will be made by the Commissioner to resolve any disputes.