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    1. Andrew
      Andrew Oct 17, 2017
      Steelers clinch a playoff berth with a win over the Texans. Will either play the Broncos or Texans/Titans in the wildcard round.
      1. Bak2Business
        You spelled “will lose to broncos or Texans/Titans in the wildcard round” wrong
        Oct 18, 2017
      2. Kodyak
        What time are you playing again?
        Oct 20, 2017
    2. Andrew
      Andrew Oct 11, 2017
      Tonight is singlehandily the most embarrassing moment for US Soccer. To not qualify for the World Cup is completely unacceptable.
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      2. SilentStriker
        how bout Chile though
        Oct 11, 2017
      3. Andrew
        @SilentStriker They have one of the toughest qualifying rounds. We have the easiest
        Oct 11, 2017
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    3. Andrew
      Andrew Oct 3, 2017
      PIT dominates IND so badly that the owner loses consciousness. Colts VP says Bak doesn't remember what happened and is delusional. @CFL
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      2. Bak2Business
        I will fuck your unborn
        Oct 3, 2017
      3. Johnson
        Mmmm that’s not okay
        Oct 3, 2017
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    4. Andrew
      Andrew Sep 27, 2017
      PIT pick off Stafford 6 times en route to a 36-28 victory. Leveon Bell out with dislocated elbow for 6 weeks. Connor expected to start.
    5. Andrew
      Andrew Sep 20, 2017
      Jaguars @ Steelers tonight at 9:45 EST @CFL
    6. Andrew
      Andrew Sep 12, 2017
      Embarrassing loss for Steelers as team were baffled at Tomlin's decision to take Nyquil before the game
    7. Andrew
      Andrew Sep 8, 2017
      PIT win opening night 21-16 over CLE behind JuJu's KR TD and AB's 76 yard TD. Bryant with game winning TD and Dupree sealed it with INT.
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    8. Andrew
      Andrew Aug 23, 2017
      CFL is going to be hype! Looking forward to playing Q, Strange, and Smash on a yearly basis.
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      2. Bak2Business
        Aug 23, 2017
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      3. BoDyyEmJay
        you'll float too
        Sep 1, 2017
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    9. Andrew
      Andrew Jul 4, 2017
      Odds: D11 playing a full season 500-1. Rooks overreacting 2-1. Bak returning to the Bowl 30-1. Andrew winning a playoff game 21-1.
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      2. LBJ
        I'll put all my money on Rooks overreacting. That shouldn't be given odds
        Jul 5, 2017
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      3. Bak2Business
        shut up
        Jul 6, 2017
      4. cstatecash3
        @Bak2Business winning or even making the super bowl was like the greatest cinderella story ever. Like the miracle on ice...
        Jul 16, 2017
    10. Andrew
      Andrew May 2, 2017
      Denver Broncos (8-1) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) scheduled for 7pm EST Wednesday on #SCtv
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    11. Andrew
      Andrew May 1, 2017
      The Denver Broncos won a football game
    12. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 26, 2017
      Saints miss game winning FG with 9 seconds left as Broncos improve to 6-1 with a 20-19 victory.
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    13. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 25, 2017
      DEN improve to 5-1 behind a 16-3 win over SD. Now sit at 4-0 in division after sweeping SD. Miller's FF, FR, and TD provided the win.
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    14. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 19, 2017
      Prosise dazzles with 178 total yards and 1 TD in 30-25 victory over Carolina. Denver improves to 4-1 heading into the bye week.
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    15. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 17, 2017
      Broncos improve to 3-1 behind a 31-24 victory over KC. Prosise with 137 total yards and 1 TD.
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    16. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 7, 2017
      TJ Ward announces his return to the Broncos on his twitter account. Credits Demarcus Ware as inspiration to return for one more season.
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    17. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 5, 2017
      Rumors out of DEN indicate there is mutual interest in bringing back TJ Ward to provide depth for a position that has been hit with injuries
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    18. Andrew
      Andrew Apr 5, 2017
      23 year old RT Sean Ridley is on the block. 82str 83rbk 80pbk 83ibk 74awr
    19. Andrew
      Andrew Mar 30, 2017
      RB D. Booker is being benched in favor of little known Taukei Lunsford. Lunsford possesses elite power behind 90 trucking and 94 stiff arm.
    20. Andrew
      Andrew Mar 29, 2017
      Von Miller leads DEN to the playoffs and AFC West Champ behind 17 TKLs 5.5 sacks 1 INT 2 FFs over the final two weeks. DEN finishes 12-4.
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