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    1. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 20, 2017
      Russell Okung was informed yesterday after Denver's Week 1 victory that he was going to be benched. Today he was informed of his release.
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    2. Andrew
    3. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 19, 2017
      Broncos survive OT thriller in Oakland and escape with a 20-17 victory. McManus with the 58 yarder in OT that led to the victory.
    4. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 17, 2017
      DEN sign veteran's CB Kareem Jackson and OLB DeMarcus Ware to add depth. Jackson expected to be #3 CB while Ware rejoins as a backup.
    5. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 17, 2017
      After passing on multiple QBs in the draft, the Broncos are putting all of their faith in Paxton Lynch as he enters a contract year.
    6. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 16, 2017
      Broncos announce that they have brought back Trevor Siemian to backup Paxton Lynch. Paxton has missed several games the past few seasons.
    7. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 15, 2017
      Denver Broncos announce the signing of DT Malcom Brown on a 4 year $24.3M deal.
      1. Kodyak
        Malcom Butler is a cornerback.
        Feb 15, 2017
      2. Andrew
        Feb 15, 2017
    8. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 15, 2017
      The Broncos have notified FS Darian Stewart that he has been released after failing to find a trade partner.
    9. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 15, 2017
      The Broncos are actively pursuing a trade for FS Darian Stewart to relieve more cap space for an aging team.
    10. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 14, 2017
      Curtis Woody at 6'5" is expected to replace Thomas. It was the reason Denver traded back into the 1st round last year to draft him.
    11. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 14, 2017
      WR Demaryius Thomas was released today, saving the Broncos 17 million in cap space for a team that was in the negative after trimming.
    12. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 10, 2017
      Porter will take over after Pittsburgh is through the postseason. Denver will stay a 3-4 defense under him, but expect some new wrinkles.
      1. UDVikings
        The CFL media is wondering what type of wrinkles we should expect?
        Feb 11, 2017
      2. Andrew
        With a new DC comes a new playbook with some new formations
        Feb 12, 2017
    13. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 10, 2017
      Rumors indicate Joey Porter has agreed to become the new DC in Denver. He is enamored with Von Miller's game, reminding him of himself.
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    14. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 10, 2017
      DEN announce they have fired DC Wade Phillips after a dismal end to the season. Top assistant in PIT is set to become new DC after season.
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    15. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 9, 2017
      After giving up a total of 4 points on returned 2 point conversions, Denver falls 38-35 to Cincinnati. Now needs a OAK loss to win division.
    16. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 9, 2017
      FS Darian Stewart has fully recovered from his shoulder tear and will start. "I'm excited to have a chance to fight for our postseason."
    17. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 8, 2017
      Broncos (8-7) control their own destiny against the Bengals (11-4) Thursday 6pm EST. Denver will win division with win or OAK loss to PIT.
    18. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 7, 2017
      Broncos (8-7) lose 27-24 in Seattle (12-3) on last second FG. Marks the 4th time this season Denver has lost in last second of the game.
    19. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 4, 2017
      Broncos (8-6) fall 42-21 to the Titans (13-1) as the defense gives up the most points ever under Kubiak. Newcomer Wilber with 14 tackles.
    20. Andrew
      Andrew Feb 3, 2017
      Newly signed FS Grayson Wilber will start in the place of Stewart. Justin Simmons will continue his role he has excelled in with 6 INTs.
      1. Quazi
        Feb 4, 2017
      2. Andrew
        @Quazi led the team with 14 tackles
        Feb 4, 2017
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