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    1. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 31, 2016
      Reports from DEN indicate that this is a make it or break it year for Paxton. Good year last year, needs to be great this year with weapons.
      1. d11king
        You should make better decisions bum
        Dec 31, 2016
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      2. Andrew
        @d11king I only had around 11 picks in the 14 games I played. He was just a little too inaccurate at times and is due for contract extension soon
        Dec 31, 2016
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      3. d11king
        I'm rooting for you! It's time for you to get to the Bowl baby, this is definitely the time...
        Jan 1, 2017
    2. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 27, 2016
      SC strong for senior best
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    3. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 26, 2016
      Denver Broncos agree to trade CB Aqib Talib to the Dolphins for a 3rd and 4th round pick in the upcoming draft. Cost cutting move.
    4. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 25, 2016
      FS Darian Stewart met with Kubiak and told him he wanted to be traded or he would sit out next season.
    5. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 22, 2016
      Denver announces that they will listen to offers for Aqib Talib, Emanuel Sanders, Russel Okung, and Matt Paradis in the offseason.
    6. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 20, 2016
      Chris Harris: "Anytime you give up 37 points that's a team effort. Sucks to be in the playoffs and that happens after the season we had. "
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    7. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 20, 2016
      Denver loses 37-31 to the Bengals. Kubiak was heard yelling at Ward and Talib after disappointing performance from outside the locker room.
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    8. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 18, 2016
      The Broncos finish 13-3 as the AFC West champions and will host a divisional game as the #2 seed. Possible opponents HOU/TEN, CIN, MIA.
    9. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 14, 2016
      With the Raiders loss to the Bengals, the Broncos (12-2) officially win the AFC West and clinch a first round bye in the playoffs.
    10. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 11, 2016
      Broncos (11-2) continue the surge defeating the Cowboys 26-18. Denver's streak is at 10 but only sit one game ahead of the 10-3 Raiders.
    11. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 8, 2016
      Broncos 2nd half surge leads them to a 34-27 win over the Ravens. Talib with a pair of interceptions as Broncos won turnover battle +3.
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    12. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 6, 2016
      Broncos survive against the Bills 27-20 behind 5 takeaways. Denver comes up huge last two drives for 10 points and INT to seal it.
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    13. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 3, 2016
      Denver Broncos defeat the Patriots 27-3 to improve to 8-2 behind 5 takeaways and a blocked FG. Next up is the Buffalo Bills.
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    14. Andrew
    15. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 3, 2016
    16. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 2, 2016
      On this 6 game winning streak Denver has forced an oustanding 29 turnovers while giving it away 7 times. Lynch 793 yards 8 TDs last 3 games.
    17. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 2, 2016
      Denver win their 6th straight game 31-17 over the Skins to improve to 7-2. Defense forces 5 turnovers and one TD on the day.
    18. Andrew
      Andrew Dec 1, 2016
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    19. Andrew
      Andrew Nov 28, 2016
      Emanuel Sanders has a broken collarbone, aka Romoitis, and will be out 7 weeks. Broncos also without MLB Marshall for 4 more weeks.
    20. Andrew
      Andrew Nov 28, 2016
      Denver Broncos win their 5th straight game against the Dolphins 28-18 and move to 6-2. Paxton Lynch has career day 25/26 321 yards 4 TDs.
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