Packers reporting that Jordy Nelson's fractured arm is expected to keep him out for at least 5 games, will have procedure before bye week Jan 13, 2018

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    1. Quazi
      Quazi May 1, 2017
      The Miami Dolphins won a football game
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    2. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 21, 2017
      Miami defense steps up as they hold on to defeat the Rams in a defensive struggle 21-16, head into bye week at 5-1
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    3. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 18, 2017
      Dolphins head coach Adam Gase on loss, "we felt like we put the guys in a great position.. at the end of the day players gotta make plays"
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    4. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 18, 2017
      Steelers vs Dolphins will kick-off tonight at 6pm EST as a battle of undefeated AFC teams is our GOTW on SCtv
    5. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 17, 2017
      Miami held tryouts for multiple free agent running backs this week due to concerns over durability of Coleman and Johnson Jr, per reports
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    6. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 15, 2017
      Miami finishes season sweep of the Patriots, but lose starting RB Tevin Coleman in the process for the second time in as many seasons
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    7. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 11, 2017
      Patriots defense plays lock-down, scores two touchdowns and plays tight coverage throughout a tough AFC East Battle. Phins squeak by 23-18
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    8. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 8, 2017
      Cam Newton and his new Phins teammates overcome the hard hitting Broncos defense in thrilling 23-20 win under the lights
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      2. Andrew
        TJ Ward bringing that attitude back
        Apr 9, 2017
    9. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 6, 2017
      Draft Day
      1. CrazyD
        Johnny Manziel
        Apr 6, 2017
    10. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 6, 2017
      Cam Newton to be introduced to the media today at Dolphins' team presser. Major upgrade at the qb position in Miami
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    11. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 5, 2017
      Negotiations between MLB Kiko Alonso and the Miami Dolphins have broken down amid concerns over the LB's ability to be three down backer
    12. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 3, 2017
      Dolphins are also expected to release MLB Demario Davis in the near future
    13. Quazi
      Quazi Apr 3, 2017
      Report: Miami Dolphins to make a determination on Suh's status with team over the next couple of days. Team attempting to restructure deal
    14. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 31, 2017
      Everybody people
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    15. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 30, 2017
      The defending CFL Champion Cincinnati Bengals will visit Miami this evening for a must see wild card round matchup at 7:30pm est
    16. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 30, 2017
      Jarvis Landry and Jakeem Grant will return to the field for the first time in 8 games. Miami will still be without Coleman, Jones, KPL
    17. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 24, 2017
      Browns vs Dolphins to kickoff between 7:15 and 7:30pm est tonight
    18. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 20, 2017
      Suh and Short make enough plays to thwart the Ravens' efforts at an upset, win 33-20 in a game that is closer than the score indicates
    19. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 16, 2017
      Yo mothafucka how you watch me run that whole time?!
    20. Quazi
      Quazi Mar 15, 2017
      Getting hit with that shoutbox mute, and slapped like Charlie Murphy did Rick James
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