CFL Week One

CFL Season XX ended in a thrilling championship for first time winner PatsFan and the New England Patriots. We kick-off Season XXI with the defending champs sitting pretty in the top spot after a productive off-season around the league. Will the Cowboys get their revenge this year? We look forward to another exciting and competitive season in the CFL.

New England Patriots (0 - 0)

Defending CFL Champs. No brainer as they only lost one game last season. Can they repeat?


Cleveland Browns (0 - 0)

One of the best young teams in the league, with even more young talent coming in.


Dallas Cowboys (0 - 0)

Lost in the Super Bowl but still an extremely talented team looking to make their way back to the biggest game in all of sports.


Detroit Lions (0 - 0)

Always a top team, the Lions are looking to bounce back after their divisional round loss to the Dallas Cowboys.


Philadelphia Eagles (0 - 0)

Powerful run game and an extremely talented defense, the Eagles are looking to get revenge on the Cowboys and make it to the Super Bowl this season.


Seattle Seahawks (0 - 0)

With an incredibly talented defense, the Seahawks needed to improve offensively this offseason. We'll see if that rings true as they drafted some OL help, but lost some valuable assets to Free Agency.


Pittsburgh Steelers (0 - 0)

The Steelers were bounced out of the playoffs against the eventual Super Bowl champions. They have a strong team, but can the aging Roethlisberger still drive the offense to another championship?


Miami Dolphins (0 - 0)

Miami was one of the best teams in the league last season, only to finish with a Wildcard. Will they bounce back this season and disrupt another Patriots AFC East title?


New Orleans Saints (0 - 0)

The Saints are a question mark for me. They have some young talent mixed with some old vets. Can they win the NFC South this season? Can the aging Drew Brees get them back to the playoffs?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0 - 0)

The Bucs are very talented on both sides of the ball. They were bounced out of the playoffs last season and will be looking for revenge this season. Can a young Jameis Winston get it done?


Denver Broncos (0 - 0)

The Broncos are another question mark. Can they get ahead of their divisional foes and get the job done or will this be a possible pretender this year?


Baltimore Ravens (0 - 0)

The Ravens have upgraded their offense but is it enough? Can they somehow uproot the Browns or Steelers as AFC North favorites? Can they grind out a Wild Card? Time will tell.


Tennessee Titans (0 - 0)

The Titans are a very intriguing team, in a division that seems to be pretty even throughout. Can Mariota and Co. stay healthy and carry this team above the rest.


Kansas City Chiefs (0 - 0)

The Chiefs are now in the Patrick Maholmes era. Can the Texas Tech product help this potential powerhouse make the playoffs after missing out last season?


Houston Texans (0 - 0)

With Deshaun Watson's first year under his belt, can he learn from his mistakes enough to take this team to the next level? AFC South is anybody's division for the taking.


San Francisco 49ers (0 - 0)

With their QB of the future Luke Otto under center, there are many questions to be asked. Will he struggle as Beathard did last season? Is he ready to play some of the best NFL defenses twice a season? Can his young OL protect him?


Indianapolis Colts (0 - 0)

Andrew Luck is coming into this season fully healthy and eager to lead the Colts back to the playoffs.


Chicago Bears (0 - 0)

The Bears over-performed last season to some degree. With that being said, they are looking to build on that following the success of QB Mitch Tribusky and getting him some weapons in the offseason.


Los Angeles Chargers (0 - 0)

Another team that has an older vet who will be retiring in the next couple of seasons. Can Rivers lead this team to an AFC West division title before his time is up?


Arizona Cardinals (0 - 0)

The Cardinals are another question mark. They have one of the best defenses in the league which gained some talent in the offseason, but their offense needed upgrades on the OL. Did they do enough this offseason to ensure a better season offensively?


Buffalo Bills (0 - 0)

The Bills had a very good draft and look to build on last season. We'll see how they do in the uber-competitive AFC East.


Carolina Panthers (0 - 0)

The Panthers are a talented team but need to play a complete game week in and week out. They could be a surprise team in the NFC South if they do just that.


Oakland Raiders (0 - 0)

The Raiders have one of the best defenses around and drafted two defensive studs this offseason. Can their offense pick it up the slack though? AFC West is anyone's division.


Jacksonville Jaguars (0 - 0)

The Jaguars are an interesting team. They have seemingly moved on from Blake Bortles and drafted Lawrence Tuten out of Florida State. Can he lead this team out of the basement of the AFC South and into the playoffs?


Los Angeles Rams (0 - 0)

A young team that can do everything pretty well. Time will tell if they can put together a complete game as well as a winning season.


Washington Redskins (0 - 0)

The Redskins have new blood playing for them. Can Smash make Washington a winner?


Minnesota Vikings (0 - 0)

The Vikings had an excellent draft and are looking to build on their lackluster season. Also, Teddy Bridgewater is back but can he stay healthy longer than five minutes?


New York Jets (0 - 0)

The Jets are another team with a good draft. Can their new HB Ashley Dean and new QB Alex Smith (Jay Cutler?) carry this team to .500 or better?


Atlanta Falcons (0 - 0)

Falcons have the ability to be a playoff team but time will tell if we see that this season or not.


New York Giants (0 - 0)

The Giants are in a tough division and not much is known about Kobek at this time. We'll see if he can break the Giants dry spell from the past couple of seasons.


Cincinnati Bengals (0 - 0)

One of the most abysmal rosters in the CFL, had an interesting draft night. Will new user Victory be able to get this team out of the basement of not only the AFC North but the league as a whole?


Green Bay Packers (0 - 0)

The Packers have a very talented offense only to be paired with a suspect defense. With a new user taking over, this team may be the biggest question mark out of the three new users this season.