CFL Week Six

Apologies for missing Week Five. We have some teams moving around a little more than usual as I'm incorporating the last two weeks into this weeks rankings. Let's take a look at where teams stand!

Cleveland Browns (0 - 0)

Browns continue to roll through teams and show no times of slowing down.


New England Patriots (0 - 0)

The Patriots continue to win and are looking to continue their dominance next week against the Dolphins.

3 1

Seattle Seahawks (0 - 0)

The Seahawks have been grinding week in and week out against teams. Their defense leads the assault and they go into the bye week before taking on the Chicago Bears.

4 2

Detroit Lions (0 - 0)

The Lions go back to their winning ways and look to sweep the season series against the Vikings next week.

5 2

Denver Broncos (0 - 0)

Denver has come out extremely strong this season and I'm not sure what to make of it. They beat the talented Ravens but also play in arguably the weakest division in the entire league. Are they a contender or pretender?

6 1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0 - 0)

After a heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks this past week, the Bucs bounced back strong with a statement win against the Cowboys, 52-28.

7 4

Pittsburgh Steelers (0 - 0)

After losing to our #1 ranked team by several scores, the Steelers came back with a big win against the Titans, 33-3.

8 1

New Orleans Saints (0 - 0)

The Saints continue to win and are putting the effort in to prove that they are contenders.

9 1

San Francisco 49ers (0 - 0)

San Francisco nabs another W, this time over the Cardinals 20-10. The 49ers lose several more key players to injury this week.

10 2

Baltimore Ravens (0 - 0)

The Ravens have looked good so far this season, and I believe this is just a bump in the road for this Baltimore team.

11 4

Miami Dolphins (0 - 0)

Miami got a much needed win after their bye week this week against the talented Chicago Bears. The Dolphins look to keep rolling as they take on the undefeated Patriots.

12 1

Tennessee Titans (0 - 0)

The Titans have been able to beat some bad opponents mixed with some good. But they have struggled against some of the league's elite teams. Watch for them to still compete for their division but I need to see more before I call them a true contender.

13 1

Chicago Bears (0 - 0)

The Bears have looked good as of late but lost a close one to the Miami Dolphins, 32-24. The Bears will look to take on the Packers next week.

14 1

Indianapolis Colts (0 - 0)

The Colts got embarrassed at home against the Giants this past week. We'll get to see them take on AFC South rival Texans next week. We'll see who wins the battle of the pretenders in this one.

15 15

New York Giants (0 - 0)

The Giants have turned things around as of late with two huge wins following the beat down they received from the Cowboys. The Giants take on the Redskins this week in a fun matchup.

16 3

Philadelphia Eagles (0 - 0)

Goodbye E, hello Crowe! In his first game with the Eagles, Crowe gets the win over divisional opponent Redskins. Can Crowe upset the Lions next week with his new team?

17 5

Dallas Cowboys (0 - 0)

Following their close victory over the Eagles and absolute beat down of the Giants, I thought the Cowboys were going to start rolling. However, the Buccaneers had other plans beating the breaks off them, 52-28.

18 2

Houston Texans (0 - 0)

The Texans are another example of the AFC South's randomness. They look good on paper and have shown flashes of winning ability but that haven't been able to string together wins.They're coming out of a much needed bye week.

19 1

Carolina Panthers (0 - 0)

The Panthers are coming off a much needed win over Atlanta and are playing the talented Cincinnati Bengals. This is going to be a good test to scope how they will do the rest of the season.

20 3

New York Jets (0 - 0)

The Jets are a hot and cold team that have some very talented players. That mixed with some tough opponents so far leave the Jets sitting at 2-3 heading into their bye week.

21 3

Cincinnati Bengals (0 - 0)

The Bengals are sitting at 3-2 following their loss to the Browns. The team is stringing together wins and are looking to build on their early success next week against the Carolina Panthers.

22 3

Minnesota Vikings (0 - 0)

Sim win Vikings.


Green Bay Packers (0 - 0)

Sim Loss Packers.

24 6

Arizona Cardinals (0 - 0)

Arizona is not putting together full games. They haven't been able to hold a lead or win close games this season. NFC West is slipping further away every week.

25 4

Washington Redskins (0 - 0)

The Redskins are hot and cold but still in the NFC East race. They play division leader New York Giants next week.

26 4

Buffalo Bills (0 - 0)

The Bills are off to a very cold start but in their defense they've played the Patriots twice, the Lions, and the Ravens.

27 2

Jacksonville Jaguars (0 - 0)

The Jaguars are struggling yet they're still able to take the division if they can turn things around. The test will start next week with the Buffalo Bills.

28 2

Kansas City Chiefs (0 - 0)

The Chiefs are struggling to begin this season and I'm waiting for them to turn it around still.

29 2

Los Angeles Rams (0 - 0)

The Rams are still battling each game and they will find the win column eventually.

30 2

Los Angeles Chargers (0 - 0)

The Chargers are struggling this season and are coming off a much need bye.


Atlanta Falcons (0 - 0)

Falcons drop another game and Crowe has left the team for the Philadelphia Eagles.


Oakland Raiders (0 - 0)

The Raiders are in disarray right now.