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    1. @mmorgan184
    2. @Saturn2187

    Alternate for Sims
    1. @aliashecman

    Trade Committee
    Committee will have 24 hour review to evaluate trades. Trades should all include justifications. Any trades deemed illogical or blatantly abusive will be restricted. Please use common sense people.

    1. @Saturn2187
    2. @aliashecman
    3. @UDVikings
    4. @Riven
    5. @PeterGoulas
    6. @mmorgan184 (Used in event of member absence or trade involving Committee member)

    Recruiting Committee
    Responsible for outreach on various platforms (OOTP Forums, Reddit) and introducing new members to the league.

    1. @Johnson
    2. @scheckdiesel

    Contract Evaluations
    Responsible for evaluating all new contracts signed and extensions to ensure they comply with our posted rules. Violations should be posted in the Contract Violations Thread for correction.

    1. @PeterGoulas
    2. OPEN
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