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CFL Rulebook

Founded in 2013 on Madden NFL 13, the Champions Football League is the premier realistic Madden NFL franchise on XBOX One. The League was established to bring a community together through high-level competition and realistic gameplay on Madden. By joining the CFL, you are joining a next-level immersive experience, both on and off the field. While winning is everyone’s number one goal as a competitor, we strive to have a League that is deeper than just winning on the field. Welcome to the Champions Football League.


  • Appreciate this League for what it is, a highly competitive and immersive football atmosphere.
  • Take your losses and move on. If you are the type who cannot handle a string of losses or some rough seasons, this is not the place for you.
  • Activity. You must participate to be a member of this League. That does not just mean show up each game and play. That means being a part of the community and the League. Talk with the owners, post on the boards, vote on the polls, or you may just find yourself replaced one day.
  • Responsibility. Make sure you communicate with your opponent when you will play your game. Make sure you have the correct time (EST, CST, PST) as well as date. As soon as you finish a game you should be communicating with your next opponent when the game will occur. If you can not make your game, let your opponent and an admin know so we can react. Laziness will not be tolerated.


  • Tutorial Popups - OFF
  • Fill Roster - OFF
  • Auto Progress Players - OFF
  • Ball Carrier Special Moves - MANUAL
  • Defensive Auto Strafe - OFF
  • Defensive Ball Hawk - OFF
  • Defensive Heat Seeker - OFF
  • Defensive Switch Assist - OFF
  • On Field Visual Feedback - OFF
  • Defensive Pass Coverage Assist - OFF
  • Coaching Tips - OFF


  • Every regular season and playoff game is required to be streamed on SCtv via Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube.
  • The home team shall stream the game, unless the away team agrees that they will stream it instead. Users must set their service to archive their streams so that any gameplay issues may be reviewed.


  • All teams are required to carry 53 players on their roster at all times.
  • All teams are required to carry a minimum of four back-up offensive linemen (9 total lineman) on their roster at all times. These players must be at least one each of OT, OG, and C.
  • All teams are required to carry at least three safeties on their roster at all times.
  • QB Mentoring: If a team is not in a situation which they need to start their rookie quarterback from day one, they may utilize our new "mentoring" system. The rookie quarterback will earn 2.5 awareness points and one non-physical attribute (not speed, agility, acceleration, strength, throw power) of the General Manager's choice per every four games of their rookie season which they sit on the bench in lieu of a veteran starter.

Position Changes

  • Players may not switch positions without Commissioner approval. This includes draft classes.
  • If your roster has a player who has a proven track record to play multiple positions in the League, please submit a request to the Commissioner to change his position.


  • Non-Team based playbooks are prohibited. These are playbooks such as West Coast, Run and Shoot, Multiple D, etc.
  • Custom playbooks and custom audibles are prohibited.


  • User catching is prohibited. This includes using the pass catching buttons.
  • Tackle battles are prohibited. If you accidentally trigger a tackle battle, fall down as soon as possible.
  • Mix up your playcalling. As stated when you signed up for the CFL, this is a realistic football League. Users found to be running the same sets of plays in crucial situations of a game are subject to suspensions or removal from the League.
  • Hot routing is to be used in a controlled manner. You should not hot route every single play, or exceed two hot routes in a single play (unless it is a max protection adjustment)
  • No-huddle is to be used sparingly for a quick change of pace, or in the two-minute offense.
  • Excessive manual rollouts with the quarterback is prohibited.
  • The use of “playmaker” is prohibited.
  • If you turn the football over, you may switch to make a tackle.

Ball Carrying

  • Zig-zagging is prohibited.


  • User switching is prohibited. You should start a play on one player, and end the play on the same player (unless the ball is turned over).
  • Usering of defensive linemen is prohibited.
  • Mix up your playcalling. As stated in the offensive rules, you should not be running the same bland defenses all game and in certain situations of the game.

4th Down

  • Teams may go for it on 4th down inside the opponent’s 40 yardline on 4th and inches only.
  • Teams may go for it on 4th down in any situation inside of three minutes remaining in regulation when trailing the game.
  • Each team has one “coaches decision” per game on fourth down. This may only be used in a realistic situation. For example, you are trailing by six points in the third quarter and it is 4th and 2 with the ball at your opponent’s 35 yardline with a 12 mph wind blowing at you.

Special Teams

  • Switching to make tackles on punt returns is allowed.
  • You may not move players around pre-snap on punt coverage.


  • Please do not share draft boards with other users. This is a highly competitive league, and doing so challenges the integrity and competitive balance of the entire league.


  • Teams are allotted three trades per season. Two of these trades may only include players who are rated 75 overall or below.
  • First round draft picks may not be traded within their first two seasons of entering the League. This starts with the 2018 draft class.
  • All trades that have been agreed to in principle should be posted in the “Trade Proposals” forum for approval.
  • All proposed trades are subject to Commissioner approval. Respect all decisions to approve or deny your trade proposal.

In-Season Free Agency

  • During the season, we utilize a waivers system for open free agency. If you'd like to claim up to two (2) players per waiver period, please send a list of players to the Commissioner and specify whether you'd like to claim one or two players. These lists are due within one hour of the weekly advance, and will be processed one hour after advance.


  • Players may not be signed or re-signed to a contract length exceeding three years.
  • All contracts are required to offer a bonus which falls between the minimum of 5% and maximum of 50% for the total offer (salary + bonus).
  • Players who are 33 years old or more may be signed to a maximum contract length of two years, with the exception of Quarterbacks who may still be signed for the maximum length of three years.

Player Re-Signing

  • If a player is requesting four or more years on their deal, please submit a screenshot to the Commissioner for approval before negotiating with them. Their contract will be edited forward the 2nd or 3rd year of the deal (depending on the length) if they re-sign to make it into a three year deal.

Free Agency

  • Players may not be signed to, or offered a contract length exceeding three years in Free Agency.
  • You may only exceed the player's requested contract total by a $5 million per year "overspending in free agency" cap.
  • The remaining free agency rules will be updated at another time

Any rule infractions are subject to discipline at the Commissioner's discretion.