CFL Season XXV OROTY Watch

CFL Season XXV OROTY Watch

CFL Season XXV is currently at its halfway point, so now is as good of a time as ever to look at some of our rookie class and see how they stack up to each other and the rest of the league. To start, I will highlight the top offensive rookies in both conferences. Stats are updated through Week 8:


Jaguars QB Jonathan LeBlanc:
161-252 (63%), 1,896 yards, 14 TDs, 11 INTs, 87 QBR

Player Breakdown: If LeBlanc can continue to limit turnovers, complete a high percentage of his passes, and not get complacent whether up by two scores or down by two scores he could lead the Jaguars to an AFC South title and the Playoffs. Can he transition from a rookie game manager to team leader for this Jacksonville offense that they so desperately need?

Patriots WR Rashaun Bass:
39 receptions for 581 yards and 4 TDs, 1 PRTD

Player Breakdown: With lightning quick speed, Bass has the skill set to change a game whether it’s special teams or burning a defender. The rookie is already leading all Patriot wideouts in receiving categories (rec, yards, TDs). Can Bass’ quickness lead the Pats to a division title and playoff spot?

Colts WR Conner Yoder:
33 receptions for 418 yards and 2 TDs

Player Breakdown: Yoder, like Bass, is leading the Colts in every receiving category (rec, yards, TDs). The rookie out of Northwestern towers over defenders at six foot five and is a legit redzone threat. Can he fill TY Hilton’s shoes and help Andrew Luck return to form moving forward?


Eagles HB Walker Henderson:
138 carries for 543 yards (3.9 YPC) and 6 TD’s

Player Breakdown: The rookie out of Indiana has been productive out of the Philly backfield. He will need to continue to produce if the Eagles want to keep up with the undefeated NY Giants. Regardless, the rookie is having a very successful campaign and is on pace for about 1,100 yards and 12 TDs. Will this be enough to win OROTY?

Panthers HB DeVan Nelson:
72 carries for 284 yards (4.0 YPC) and 6 TD’s

Player Breakdown: Despite playing behind the uber-talented Christian McCaffrey, Nelson has put up some good numbers thus far. Nelson is also splitting carries with Cam out of the backfield. With 6 rushing TD’s on the year (leading the trio), the Vanderbilt product could continue to steal carries if he keeps finding the endzone. Is this the most talented backfield in the CFL?

Cardinals WR Jimmy Studdard:
30 receptions for 543 yards and 2 TDs

Player Breakdown: The Washington St. wideout is another rookie that is receiving the highest volume of receptions and yards for their team. While the Cardinals are having some early season struggles, Studdard is on pace for 60 catches and almost 1,100 yards. Can Studdard help Rosen and the Cardinal’s offense get jump started heading into the second half of the season?

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