Welcome to The New SimChampions

Welcome to The New SimChampions

Founded back in 2013, SimChampions was created with the idea of developing a community for sports gamers who were seeking to compete in an immersive Madden Franchise. Five years later our flagship Madden Franchise, the Champions Football League, is still striving into our 25th season. Additionally over the years, we've run FIFA tournaments, NBA 2K leagues, and currently are running a very successful league on Out Of The Park Baseball.

Over the past two years, we've been developing upon a concept to provide an expansive experience for the sports gaming community. Our main goal is to provide the community with a new destination to compete in tournaments, open seasons, weekend leagues, and much on your favorite sports titles. If you've ever wanted to take your Ultimate Team, favorite sports franchise, or Pro-Am squad into an open environment and compete for more than just bragging rights we have you covered.

We are very proud to present this brand new experience on SimChampions to our loyal users and the expanding community that we hope to welcome soon.
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