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Competition in online sports gaming drives us to create different formats in which players can flex their stick skills and knowledge of the sport. Whether your goal is to compete as an individual or with a team of friends on your favorite sports title, we have you covered. Our main goal is to bring the sports back to online sports gaming.


Standings based competition

Seasons mode is an open play format that allows individuals and teams to compete against other players in the specific sports video game title of their choice. From Madden Ultimate Team to NBA 2K Pro-Am, our monthly seasons are available to play right now! Our seasons typically run from the first of the month to the last day of the month, with the top 16 teams advancing to a seeded playoff. The standings for seasons are generated with a points system, where a win is worth two points, a tie is worth one point, and a loss deducts one point from your overall points total. Our rules are designed to bring the sports back to online sports gaming, without being too complicated.

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Bracket based competition

Everyone loves the excitement that a tournament can bring. We will launch tournaments in high demand games every week. Structures will vary from single elimination to round robin formats. Payouts range from cash prizes, to gift cards, and more!

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Simulation style league play

For the hardcore sports enthusiast, we run our own simulation style leagues. We started out back in 2013 as a Madden sim league on XBOX 360, and our flagship league still stands strong today on Madden NFL 19 on the XBOX One. Our future plans include establishing an official league on NBA 2K19 and MLB The Show 19.

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