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CBA NBA 2K18 Registration

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If you are interested in joining the CBA, please watch and listen to the video above. More content and videos will be coming over the next week or two weeks.

The league will start with CBA Fastbreak show and Tip-Off special on Friday, October 20th at 9pm EST. We will use the updated opening night 2K rosters for the league.
The rulebook is in the works, but here are some of the key notes -

  • Custom Sliders
  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • Season Length: 58 Games
  • Multiple Seasons, with contracts, player re-signing, and free agency all run through our website.

Playoff Format:
  • All series will be five games.

General Rules:
  • Be a member of the community - We are about doing much more than just playing the games on 2k. We are a community here, and will be putting out content varying from articles, to power rankings, to mock drafts, radio shows and more. Stay active on the site, and do your part to make this the best 2k experience on the planet!
  • Take your losses like a man, this is meant to be an enjoyable, realistic basketball experience.
  • Defensive Assist Strength should be set to 0 in your controller settings at all times.

Gameplay Rules:
  • You may not turbo the ball up the floor or run coast to coast off of a made shot, unless it is the end of a quarter inside of 10 seconds.
  • Utilize dribble moves and ball movement to get past defenders. Do not abuse the turbo button.
  • Each team must use a minimum of one timeout per quarter. Call timeouts when you are allowing a mini-run over the course of a game. Be realistic.
  • Abusing the hop step layup and pump fake are prohibited. This doesn't mean you cannot do the hop step layup when it makes sense, or pump fake when it makes sense.
  • All users must play on-ball defense. The only exceptions are in the pick and roll, or if you are beaten off the dribble in order to recover defensively.
  • Double teams are allowed, but not to be abused and utilized throughout the game.
  • Full court pressing is banned.
  • Zone defense is banned.
  • Play real basketball, not a video game.

Players Entered (20/30):
@Take Notes 011
@Miami Goat
@Waved Gawd
@Kenny Supertramp
@Mr Fletcher 502
@x614x E

If you want to be a part of a new movement in a realistic NBA 2K basketball experience, post the following info below

Time Availability:
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