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XBOX One CBA Rulebook

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The CBA, as with all of our leagues, is expected to mirror real life. This means that we expect users to play realistic basketball, run plays and sets (at least 50% of your half court offense), and compete win or lose. We do not want to see people simply running pick and roll or isolation all game long and taking advantage of game mechanics. Play basketball, not a video game.

We are different than your typical "sim league" as we want realistic basketball to be played. This includes early offense in the shot clock, freelance flow, etc. Listen to this podcast for more details on that type of gameplay:

  • Custom Sliders
  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame
  • Season Length: 58 Games

Playoff Format:
  • All series will be five games.

General Rules:
  • Be a member of the community - We are about doing much more than just playing the games on 2k. We are a community here, and will be putting out content varying from articles, to power rankings, to mock drafts, radio shows and more. Stay active on the site, and do your part to make this the best 2k experience on the planet!
  • Utilize the shoutbox and private messages on the sites to schedule and play games / discuss league issues.
  • Take your losses like a man, this is meant to be an enjoyable, realistic basketball experience.
  • Defensive Assist Strength should be set to 0 in your controller settings at all times.

Gameplay Rules:
  • You may not turbo the ball up the floor or run coast to coast off of a made shot, unless it is the end of a quarter inside of 10 seconds.
  • Utilize dribble moves and ball movements to get by defenders. Do not abuse the turbo button.
  • Each team must use a minimum of one timeout per quarter.
  • Abusing the hop step layup and pump fake are prohibited. This doesn't mean you cannot do the hop step layup when it makes sense, or pump fake when it makes sense.
  • All users must play on-ball defense. The only exceptions are in the pick and roll, or if you are beaten off the dribble in order to recover defensively.
  • Double teams are allowed, but not to be abused and utilized throughout the game.
  • Full court pressing is banned.
  • Zone defense is banned.
  • Play real basketball, not a video game.


Fastbreaking is a common issue with it comes to realistic style league play. We will do our best to outline the proper fast breaking situations and conduct below.
  • You may run the fastbreak on any turnover.
  • You may run the fastbreak off of a point guard, shooting guard, or small forward rebound beyond the free throw line extended.
  • You may not turbo the ball up the floor with a big man.
  • You may not advance the ball beyond half court with a pass in any situation that does not involve a turnover or long rebound beyond the free throw line extended.

Points In Paint:
  • You should not exceed 70% of your overall points in the paint at the end of any game. If you are not scoring the majority of your points in the paint from the flow of the game and actual sets, but rather forcing it into the paint with manual pick and rolls, and/or turbo dribbling through defenders with regularity, then that is also considered illegal.

  • All trades are subject to Commissioner approval. This is meant to be a realistic league, so any outrageous multi-superstar trades will most likely be shot down.
  • New users must prove themselves to become eligible to make trades. If you just joined the league, do not expect to make any trades.
  • Teams are allowed a maximum of three trades per season. This does not mean you should be wheeling and dealing and making your whole team over in trades, this is meant to be a realistic league.
  • Trades will have to pass through the trade machine calculator, which will use real NBA trading rules and salaries
  • You may not trade a first round draft pick until they have played at least one year in the CBA (starting with 2016 draft class).


We will have free-agency, player resigning, contracts, etc. to deal with through the website as we will fill in for all of the gaps that 2K Sports has left in their online association mode.
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Tier 1: 85+
Ceiling - MAX ($25,000,000.00)
Floor - $20,500,000.00

Tier 2: 80-84
Ceiling - $20,000,000.00
Floor - $13,000,000.00

Tier 3: 76-79
Ceiling - $12,500,000.00
Floor - $6,500,000.00

Tier 4: 72-75
Ceiling - $6,000,000.00
Floor - $2,500,000.00

Tier 5: 71 and Below
Ceiling - $2,000,000.00
Floor - $1,000,000.00
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