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Dallas Mavericks Team Expectations Season 1


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With the new season coming up, there are a lot of new adjustments going on in the CBA. These Adjustments are to enhance the amount of excitement and realism in the game . We have a good healthy amount of old users returning to CBA, but we do have some rookies entering the league for the first time, lets hope these guys are solid enough to stick it out through the seasons.

PG: Dennis Smith Jr.
SG: Wesley Matthews
SF: Harrison Barnes
PF: Dwight Powell
C: Nerlens Noel

Barnes MAvs.jpg

Now the Mavs GM took a lot of heat for deciding to run Dirk off the bench; but he had some words when asked a reporter: "You have to understand, Dirk is forever our heart of the team, but him and I neutrally agreed that he is nearing the end of his career and can see that his productivity is going to decrease . Dirk also suggested that he'd start Dwight just because we needed a younger starting lineup; Dirk is a smart man and I value his opinions when he concerns the team . To put aside his minutes to better the team is something that you cannot teach and we are grateful to have him here still".

The bench is where Dirk will specifically be one of the main scoring options alongside Barea, and Ferrell. This lineup switch is primarily made to give the green light to Barnes, Matthews, and their rookie Smith. The Mavericks are looking towards revitalizing new offensive schemes as well as flirting with the defensive matchups for each team. When asked about any trades to be expected this year, "The season is still early so we're not exactly looking for any transactions . We are rebuilding of course, but I like to think that Coach Carlisle will be able to shape these new young guys into gear for this season and the future to come . Also, the veteran leadership will be huge in terms of mentoring the young guys before their time is up".

Rick Carlisle has not been ever shy to tweak rosters and will not be hesitant to switch around starters such as letting Seth Curry or Yogi Ferrell start . "One of our biggest issues will be on the defensive end, we've got to communicate better to help each other on defense. Our offense can hold our own, but we need to get more in-sync with our defensive antics". The Mavericks are also happy to have a new rookie, Gian Clavell . already he has impressed Carlisle and the rest of the staff as well during the Summer League.

The Mavericks staff has all reported that they are expecting to produce suffocating defense as well as a half court offense to control their own pace, "We are looking to go above .500 this season, it will definitely be challenging because we are in such a talented/competitive conference but I am confident that we will be able to lock in a playoff spot this season .