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SFC 8 - Steele vs L. Johnson


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Ok, the holidays are over and SFC is getting back up and running. This event will serve as a check in to see who is still involved moving forward. If you do not check in to this thread you will not have a fight until you let me know that you are still in.

This card will be headlined by the rematch of Damien Steele and Lyndon Johnson. All other fights are up in the air and will be determined by who checks in. This card will take place on Saturday January 13th.

Fights Booked
Damien Steele (@Speak) vs Lyndon Johnson (@LBJ)
Curtis Sims (@DrStrange) vs Von Smith (@PatsFan)
Matt Morgan (@mmorgan184) vs Justin Nipper (@Nipper)
Nick Miller (@Nick Miller) vs Ricky McKay (@scheckdiesel)
John Healy (@Johnnyh) vs Cody Erwin (@LeGeNd RiPs)
Jared Crowe (@Crowe) vs Chad Kutzke (@Take Notes 011)
Zach Miller (@mill) vs Nick Medicis (@cstatecash3)
Blake Nelson (@Rooks) vs Zak Johnson (@Johnson)

Need to Check In
Bjorn Ferrari (@CrazyD)
Chris Schmidt (@SemperI)
Nick Sprague (@SilentStriker)
Victor Cigars (@Cigars)
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