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XBOX One Team Assignments


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Below are the generated teams based on the submitted priority lists from all users. A number of people who posted in the original sign up thread did not send a team list in. We obviously have 10 openings available, on a first come first serve basis for the remaining teams. If you'd like to get into the league or a tryout please post in the following link: https://simchampions.com/t/cba-nba-2k18-registration.5681/

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics - @Kenny Supertramp
Brooklyn Nets - @MarcSmith24
Charlotte Hornets - @jerseyborn44
Chicago Bulls - @driverbiro
Cleveland Cavaliers - @iAmFaded
Detroit Pistons - @Mr Fletcher 502
Indiana Pacers - @LBJ
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks - @FinesseLifeFord
New York Knicks - @Waved Gawd
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ers - @PhillyDieHard90
Toronto Raptors - @IYRTITL
Washington Wizards -

Western Conference
Dallas Mavericks - @crillah
Denver Nuggets - @HoodieMac
Golden State Warriors - @Miami Goat
Houston Rockets -
Los Angeles Clippers - @Phantomsoldier
Los Angeles Lakers - @Take Notes 011
Memphis Grizzlies
Minnesota Timberwolves - @ASAP OB
New Orleans Pelicans - @GCode
Oklahoma City Thunder - @Jdiz619
Phoenix Suns - @AllSkiLLzN0LuCK
Portland Trail Blazers - @thePre2
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs - @PhreshBaller23
Utah Jazz
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